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Zaneta Kubik

“Your accent? You must be from the other end of the world” - I’ve heard this phrase so many times since I arrived to Durban ten months ago. Indeed, my English accent traces back the story of my wanderings around the globe. You might be wondering what brought this Polish girl miles away from her homeland to the motherland... A passion. Passion for people and cultures; and the richness of African cultures has always appealed to me. To this day I remember the first time I saw the map of Africa and how amazed I was discovering the fabulous albeit imaginary places, and already then I knew I would have to come here one day. 

It took me longer than I expected and the path has not always been straight and easy. I first wanted to study in Paris, not only because it offered much richer academic perspectives, but also because I wanted to be immersed in its multicultural society, and Paris is the world in miniature.

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