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          As part of a larger re-organization of academic schools in 2012, the School of Development Studies has been incorporated into the School of Built Environment and Development Studies together with the schools ...

 Population Studies and Development Studies on YouTube

     To find out what Students and Staff have to say about the Masters programmes in Development Studies and Population Studies watch our YouTube clip.

 Independent Views and Comments on the School and the Centre for Civil Society

     A comment made by Dr Miles Larmer, University of Sheffield.
      ''A great strength ...

 Focus on Africa

     Population Studies and Development Studies have a commitment to contribute to African scholarship in a sustained and meaningful way, and in a variety of forms.
       a) ...

Annual Report 2012 [Annual Report] Print

      Built Environment and Development Studies Annual Report, 2012. Download by clicking on link below.

Download File

 Tree Planting as Part of Environment Module

      A group of Development Studies Masters students planted indigenous trees (supplied by the UKZN nursery) ...

 MASA Conference 2014

      In 2011, Dori Posel used funds attached to her NRF/DST Research Chair to launch a new conference – the Micro-econometric Analysis of South African Data (MASA) conference. MASA brings together ...

 Professor Jorge Aguero offers Course for Staff and Students

      Professor Jorge Aguero, University of Connecticut,  gave a course on data analysis using micro-data, from 12 to 14 November, 2014. This ...

 Our PhD Proposal Presentations

      Tebeth Mukwembi presented her PhD proposal entitled: "How migration affects relationships between migrants and non-migrant family members ‘left behind’: ...

 EUSAID second Call for Applications

     A second call is out for applications for the EUSAID Scholarships, which closes 28 February 2015.
       EUSA_ID is a mobility programme offering study, training and research periods in Europe for South African Master and PhD candidates and staff and provides ...

 Nompu Nzimande elected as President of PASA

      Following her nomination at the recent Population Asssociation of Southern Africa Conference, ...

 Our Graduates Work or Study in Far-flung Places

     Our graduates land up working or studying further in far-flung parts of the world. For more information (derived from what our graduates tell us) see Where are they after qualifying? (As this information is supplied on an ad hoc basis, ...

 Recent Seminars 2014

      Christina Cappy (pictured here with Richard Ballard) presented a seminar entitled ‘South African Youth Experiences of Social Cohesion through ...

 BLDS Enables Full-text Access to Our Earlier Research Reports

     We are pleased to announce that the British Library of Development Studies has made available full ...

 EU Development Studies Co-operation

      Congratulations to two of our  Masters students, who have ...

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 References recently added to the site

A selected history of South African inflation perceptions: the question matters (2014)
Introducing varieties of capitalism into the South African debate: uses and lim (2013)
A history of South African capitalism in national and global perspective (2013)
After apartheid and Mandela: South Africa’s 2014 elections (2013)
Corporate governance in South Africa: from ‘Old Boys Club’ to Ubuntu? (2013)

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