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Our Study Programmes Print

     We currently offers two course-work Masters Degrees, in Development Studies and Population Studies, as well as a research-based PhD programme, and a research-based Masters programme. For further details refer to the Programme buttons on the far right hand side of this webpage. Full-time or part-time study is catered for but no distance learning is offered.
      Students are offered the opportunity to study development in a world class School in a developing country setting. This enables them to match what they learn in the classroom with what they experience on the ground. Students from South Africa, other African countries, Asia, Europe and North America are regularly attracted to our programme. The School welcomes mature international students with different experiences of the world since they add another dimension to discussions.  

 What is Development Studies?

     Development Studies addresses key economic, political and social concerns - inequality and poverty, uneven or inadequate economic growth, maldistribution of resources and institutional failures. Development Studies critically examines the role and efficacy of state policies, and interventions ...

 What is Population Studies?

     Population Studies is a broad social science discipline concerned with the study of human populations in relation to their size, composition and geographical distribution, the changes which occur in these over time and the factors associated with these changes. The discipline emphasises ...

 Our Training Programmes

     APSTAR (Applied Population Sciences Training and Research)
      The Applied Population Sciences Training and Research (APSTAR) is a programme that was initiated and funded jointly by the Department of Social ...

 University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Exchange

      University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Development Studies, (BEDS) UKZN is involved in an exchange programme with Staff and Students for the third year ...

  Cooperation between EU and SA (Development Studies): Erasmus Mundus

      Development Studies is partnering with a consortium of other South African Universities and the EU under ...

 Population Studies and Development Studies on YouTube

     To find out what Students and Staff have to say about the Masters programmes in Development Studies and Population Studies watch our YouTube clip.

 Graduate of MA (Dev Studies): WEF Global Shaper; and Leadership in HIV Prevention Programme

      Ndumiso Ngidi (Masters in Development Studies 2014) reflects on his studies by saying 'The opportunities that this degree ...

 For More on Studying in Durban...

For more on studying in Durban visit our Students and Alumni  page, particularly the sections in the right-hand panel, on the city.

 Development Studies Masters Students visit Innovative Welfare Project

       Nestled on a hill overlooking sugar cane fields north of Durban, the LIV Village is an innovative social project combining welfare and business models. The sprawling ...

Recent Dissertation Titles Print

     You can browse through a list of recently submitted Masters dissertations of the School by going to the Publications page and clicking on the 'dissertations' bar at the end of the right hand panel.

 Graduation Gallery

     Watch this space for graduation pics....

 PhD Workshop 2014


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