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     The publication series (Research Reports and Working Papers) has been discontinued. The existing copies can still be downloaded directly in PDF format from this website.
      You can find selected staff publications listed either in the drop-down lists on this page, via their staff profiles or by using the quick-search box. More complete lists of publications can be found either in the Annual Reports of the School or in individual staff member's cv's.

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     We are supported by the services of the main University library, EG Malherbe Library, electronic databases, and a well-developed national inter-library loan system.

 References Recently Added to the Site

African Social Scientists’ Failure of Analytical Nerve’ (2014)
Between activism and science: grassroots concepts for sustainability coined by e (2014)
Fortaleza Brazil: Critical Perspectives on the BRICS (2014)
Parler à gauche en marchant à droite: Les politiques sociales en Afrique du Sud (2014)
South Africa’s multiple resource curses, the metalworkers’ break and community u (2014)

 Hot off the Press

      John Saul and Patrick Bond launched their edited book 'South Africa: the present as history' in April ...

 Recent Book Chapters on Climate Justice

      Patrick Bond recently published a chapter ...

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